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Family Law
Capital Justice professionals are prepared to prepare premarital agreements, separation and marital property agreements, and assist clients in securing protection from abuse orders, which can be an important way to secure a person’s safety and peace of mind.

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Uncontested Divorce

Making the decision to pursue a divorce can be a difficult choice. Uncontested divorce is a legal process for dissolving the marital relationship and severing the financial ties between a couple amicably. Even when both parties have agreed to work together, dissolution of marriage can be an emotional process of transitioning to independence, exploring other pathways, and changing the focus of one’s life. It can be a time of emotional and financial turmoil, because change can be difficult. Yet, divorce can also be an opportunity for growth, a fresh start, and a change that leads to contentment.

The professionals at Capital Justice are problem solvers who pursue the most likely path leading to a solution that fits the needs of our clients.