Washington, D.C. Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning & Probate

A Solid Plan for the Future

No one can know exactly what the future will bring, but everyone can plan for the possibilities. Estate planning helps ensure that your wishes are upheld after you pass away. It also decides what to do with your property and assets, which can significantly aid your loved ones and close friends. When used correctly, your estate plan will give everyone, including yourself, peace of mind when considering the future, both near and far.

At Capital Justice, our Washington, D.C. estate planning lawyer and team of legal professionals create effective, comprehensive estate plans for our clients. We take pride in everything we do and settle for nothing less than our clients’ complete satisfaction. Everyone who comes to our office is treated like a close friend or family member, which we believe enables us to better create estate plans to their liking.

When we work on your estate plan, we will want to talk to you about:

  • Wills and trusts
  • Estate administration
  • Final medical care instructions
  • Business ownership, like an LLC
  • Life insurance plans
  • Retirement plans
  • Other unique assets
  • Real estate

We take care to get to know you and your situation. Our estate planning strategies are developed with your goals in mind.

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Assigning Property Ownership & Responsibilities

For many estate plans, the key task is deciding who gets what property and what responsibilities. Although it is not explicitly necessary, it can also be helpful to explain why certain duties and assets are assigned to the people you choose. To properly distribute your property to named beneficiaries, you will need to consider all components of your estate; otherwise, something could be left up to the court to distribute, which often leads to conflicts and headaches.

Major components of your estate may include:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Real estate property
  • Stocks, bonds, and securities
  • Life and retirement plan accounts
  • Actual property, like heirlooms and vehicles

With our help, you can decide what happens with all of these assets in the future. You can also decide which responsibilities to assign to the people in your life.

Duties you may want to assign to someone through your estate plan include:

  • Assisting with probate
  • Overseeing distribution of assets
  • Acting as a guardian for your dependent
  • Ensuring your final care instructions are followed

Our team will help you strategically make all of these pressing decisions, guiding you through the planning process step by step.

The Benefits of a Good Estate Plan

If your estate plan is properly drafted and regularly updated as the years go on, it should serve you and your loved ones well. It can minimize the time it takes to transfer your property to beneficiaries, reduce the amount of your money that is collected by the state through estate tax, and even pre-assign an attorney to act on your behalf if you become mentally incapacitated. None of these benefits can be yours, though, until you actually begin your estate plan. Let our Washington, D.C. estate planning attorney sit down with you during a free initial consultation to discuss your estate and primary concerns. From there, we can start the process of making a great estate plan customized exactly to your liking.