Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Our business clients depend on the firm’s transactional knowledge and expertise in business and corporate law.

Clients can rely on Capital Justice in a large spectrum of transactional legal services, such as:

  • Business Formation
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Contracts
  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Partnerships
  • Buy and Sell Agreements
  • Patent and Trademark Applications
Are You an Entrepreneur?

While starting a business is exciting, there are numerous hurdles which have to be overcome before you open the doors. To turn your dreams of entrepreneurship into reality, you will have to take the proper legal steps which include:

  • Business formation documents – articles of incorporation, tax identification numbers, business name registration and necessary permits and licenses.
  • Preparing necessary contracts – you may need non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements and partnership agreements to get started. These documents help protect your business from the day you start and will serve you well as your business continues to grow and thrive.
  • Addressing tax issues – the best way to prevent surprises with your corporate taxes is to ensure you have discussed the tax implications of your business formation with a skilled business attorney. We can help you determine which corporate structure best meets your needs.
  • Employment documents – most business owners who intend to hire employees must have separate accounts for payroll and payroll taxes. In addition, employment contracts can be helpful to ensure you and potential employees have a mutual understanding.
  • Patent and trademark applications – protecting your intellectual property is vitally important to your long-term business success. We can help prepare the necessary applications to ensure your interests are protected.

While launching a business is an exciting undertaking, if you fail to take the necessary time to prepare you could pay a steep price.  Contact Capital Justice today and schedule a free consultation with a business startup attorney before you start on the road to entrepreneurship. We can help you prepare for long-term success for your Washington, D.C. business venture. We will take the time to listen to your plans and goals and help you draft the necessary legal documents to ensure you are ready to start on the path to success on day one.